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The S Factor 2: Intermediate with Lap Dance

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Модераторы: Pacifica, MyCaprice, Djo

The S Factor 2: Intermediate with Lap Dance

Сообщение Stasia » Вс июн 13, 2010 9:36 pm

The S Factor 2: Intermediate with Lap Dance
Customer Reviews
Prior to this video, to see me attempt any kind of "stripper" moves was funny stuff - kinda like a big spaz ball. I am a bit on the hyper side, so my men were forgiving. Never did I think I would be able to move slow and sensual.....this DVD worked a miracle!

Seriously, this dvd is excellent. It is also a bit difficult; yoga moves, ab work, plus some serious stretching. It begins with a warm up consisting of spine rolls, hip rolls, brain massage - slow movements to really loosen up your body & mind. Then she moves onto stretches for your legs. I thought my legs may not bend again (the stretching is unreal), amazingly, she transitions out of this intense sequence into different stretches, and the pain immediately disappeared.

She focuses on accents & transitions in this DVD - my fav., the head roll, where you fling your head/hair hair is short, so it's not as fun. Seemless transitions from changing direction of hips, swinging legs around to stand or to get in a fun knee position where you pump your pelvic area really fast - ok, that one felt kind of silly =) The transitions are so critical in the art of stripping, she does great work on this. She continues with some tough ab work, and inner thigh work. This workout does movements on hand & knees, then knees, some back, and standing. You really loosen up your entire body, it's a great feeling !

After the floor work, this dvd also has a section on wall movements, or pole movements. The next section is step by step instruction on giving a lap dance. Very presice instruction; left hand here, right leg here.....Excellent! Then instruction on how to strip out of a button down top, seductively of course. The last section is everything put together. Entering the room dressed, wall moves, undress slowly, crawl and lap dance. If you have wanted to surprise someone special, but just didn't have the confidence - here it is!

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