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Pole Katz: Step By Step Pole Dancing Tricks

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Pole Katz: Step By Step Pole Dancing Tricks

Сообщение Stasia » Вс июн 13, 2010 9:51 pm

Pole Katz: Step By Step Pole Dancing Tricks
Product Description
An intermediate level instructional DVD. You will learn the following: Pole tips, safety, basic spins, intermediate and advanced spins, basic inverts, and advanced inverts. So, if you are a beginner, this DVD will offer some basic instruction, but will also offer you some more advanced moves to experiment with when you are feeling more confident on the pole. If you are an intermediate level pole dancer, this DVD is for you.
Customer Reviews
1) While the S Factor with Sheila Kelley did a great job of introducing women to pole dancing as exercise, Pole Katz is the DVD that is made by the professionals. Learn tricks and moves that the S Factor doesn't even come close to teaching. Carine and Kelly have been Pole Dancing and teaching fitness classes for many years. I was impressed!
2) If you're new to pole work, I'd recommend a lower-level pole dance DVD before delving into this one. Lots of great moves and fun to watch but a bit on the "wow... wish I could do that!" side. Great to have on hand when you're ready but not for beginners (and definitely not if your pole is a portable/not permanently installed becuase many of the moves are not safe for portable poles).
3) This DVD is pretty good,but def. not for beginners. They teach so many moves that you kinda get the feeling that they're rushing to squeeze them in. If you are advanced, it's perfect. They def. know what they're doing, and how to describe the steps clearly.
4) I've been dancing for nearly three years. Most of the tricks are pretty basic, and there were a few I haven't seen before. It's overall pretty good, it's always nice to learn a few new moves, although nothings beats vertical dance that I've seen so far.
5) I bought this DVD along with a pole by Lil Mynx a week and a half ago. With determination, daily practice and this DVD my pole dancing has improved!

This DVD breaks the moves down so they are very easy to understand. There is a good combination of "easy to get" tricks and those that take a longer time to learn. You will be amazed at how much you can learn from this DVD... In no time you'll have a hand full of pole-tricks under your belt- or, um... garter. : )

The only problem that I have with this DVD is that they don't teach transitions from move to move, but overall I am really pleased and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone learning to pole dance!
6) I would definitely recommend this video to anyone who would like to learn how to pole dance, even for exercise this is a great video to tone up with. This is exactly for beginners. I absolutely love it. Thanks.
7) The dvd seemed cheap, looks like it was printed out on a computer and the audio quality is horrendous going from excessively loud to too quiet every few seconds. Some of the tricks are pretty good but you can save yourself the trouble by searching youtube for pole tricks and seeing the same ones.
8) I recently bought a pole about a month ago, and this DVD arrived a week after I got my pole. I had already learned a few basic spins on my own, and this DVD really helped me develop the moves I could do into more complex ones. My one complaint is that on many of the moves they only show the right-handed version, and also the routines at the end are somewhat slow and dull...mostly dancing around the pole and not on it. But overall this DVD was very helpful, it shows moves for beginners as well as difficult moves that I still have yet to accomplish.
9) It is a great review of many beginning tricks as well as a few advanced tricks. I will probably buy their second level DVD as well. I think with any of these tricks practice (as well as safety) is needed.
10) I read the previous reviews and thought this dvd would "take me to the next level" and all it did was lighten my wallet. I already knew every single move on this dvd and I don't by any means consider myself to be intermediate. I actually learned more moves and tricks from youtube. The dvd and case seemed really cheap too, almost as if they filmed inside their house and copied and packaged the dvd in their garage. This is the last time I purchase Pole Katz anything.
11) I like the tricks that these girls show, however, I'm a beginner and these tricks are pretty advanced. It'll be quite some time before I can even TRY any of the cool looking tricks that are taught on this video.
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