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Dance off the Inches: Cardio Striptease (2010)

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Модераторы: Pacifica, MyCaprice, Djo

Dance off the Inches: Cardio Striptease (2010)

Сообщение Stasia » Вс июн 13, 2010 9:57 pm

Dance off the Inches: Cardio Striptease (2010)
Product Description
Getting Fit Doesn’t Have To Feel Like Work. Anyone can dance off the inches. We’ve made it easy. Ten moves are all you need to dance this routine – and we’ll show you how. No matter what your age or fitness level, you can have a great time while dancing your way into great shape. You’ll want to do this workout because it’s FUN – and that’s the secret. The more you do it, the more inches you’ll lose. It’s that simple. Losing inches has never been so easy!

Welcome to Dance Off the Inches: Cardio Striptease. Who says working out can’t be sexy? It can! Striptease dance is a surprisingly empowering and effective way to get in shape. In this workout you’ll burn off calories, build confidence and tone sexy muscles all while you flaunt your figure with signature striptease moves. ANYONE can do it, and it’s so much fun you’ll forget you’re working out! Who knew that pretending to peel off your clothes could actually peel off the pounds? Come on, spice up your workout and strip your way fit with Cardio Striptease!

This program features the Dance Off The Inches Step Guide. In just minutes your instructor will teach you the 10 steps that you’ll need to easily dance your way through this whole program.
Customer Reviews
1) This video was not as intense a workout as I would have liked, but it does offer some decent toning moves for your lower body and core. There's not much in the way of cardio or any upper body toning, but the moves were fun and a good change of pace from just doing boring squats and lunges. The instructor was a little annoying, mostly because she does strange things with her face in an attempt to be sexy, but I could get over this. My main complaint is that the moves aren't really worked together into any kind of routine the way that I am used to from other Dance Off the Inches DVDs or other dance workout dvds I have purchased. Had they done this, the workout would have been a little longer and more cohesive and also increased the cardio level which would make it perfect. But again, this dvd does not disappoint in terms of fun, sexy moves. Overall, I like this dvd and will keep it as a fun alternative for lower body toning on days that I don't want the intensity of my Jillian Michaels or Jackie Warner workouts.
2) Can't do this one with the kids around! Usually they do my workout with me. Moves might actually benefit them, but they don't really need all the talk about sexiness, etc. Otherwise OK workout - a good change.
3) This w/o is fun. I'm choreographically challenged, but I had no problems following this. It's not a hard w/o, so I will save this for days when I don't feel like working out.
4) Dance Off the Inches: Cardio Striptease adds spice to a cardio workout on DVD, with striptease moves that anyone can learn. A flirtatious way to get into good health, Cardio Striptease makes pretending to remove one's clothes while working out a fun way to blend ten active steps into one's routine. The overall workout consists of three dances, "Work It", "Too Hot to Handle", and "Total Tease", plus a warm up and cool down. Fitness enthusiasts of all skill and experience levels, from beginner to expert, can get into and enjoy Dance Off the Inches: Cardio Striptease for a sexy change of pace! 43 minutes.
5) This DVD definately delivers what it says it does - in the striptease department! It took a little getting used to because in order to really get my heartrate up, I really had to work moving the hips in BIG Circles, bottom sticking WAY out! Luckily I do my workouts alone! But it was definately fun variety and although it isn't a super intense cardio compared to some of the other Dance off the Inches workouts, it is enough for me for a lighter day. I really like having something completely new in dance and the moves were easy enough to catch on anyone could do them. Just make sure in purchasing this workout, that its all about slower, big movements that tone and get your heartrate going. Its really not a fast paced workout. The recent one by Bethany Lyons is a very fast-paced workout. Unless you are prepared for this, you will have a hard time getting a good cardio in. But it is certainly doable for cardio, and what I like about this compared to some of the other striptease ones I've tried is that it is structured very well, similar to all the other Dance off the Inches DVDs. And I love to do dances that are structured well and that give the opportunity to keep my cardio going for at least 30 minutes. I will do this one again and again, because, well, I just can't resist the fun factor and the lower half really getting toned. The backup dancers were a good choice for this DVD also. One could definately be a "pro" striptease dancer, and the other one showed that it's just plain good 'ole fun.
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