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Felix Cane Pole Dance Mastery Series

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Felix Cane Pole Dance Mastery Series

Сообщение wIcKeD » Пт окт 28, 2011 12:42 am

Вроде не было еще обзора этой серии
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Disc 1: Beginner
World Champion Pole Artist, Felix Cane, provides step-by-step instruction in this beautifully sequenced video of key foundational pole dance movements and techniques. Perfect for beginners and chock full of key technical points for advanced students, too. Includes warm-up and over 30 Spins, Pirouettes, Poses, and variations. Plus, learn how to safely pull into a first-level climb and begin training your body to invert. This DVD contains two terrific bonus routines that put these beginner moves together which you can learn to do from home. You will enjoy this DVD for fun, for fitness, and to feel amazingly sexy!

Disc 2: Intermediate
This exceptional DVD provides detailed, step-by-step instruction for nearly 30-key Intermediate level moves, including spins, signature climbing techniques, combos, and Felix’s one-of-a-kind mastery of inversions and poses. Plus, enjoy two beautiful routines that link the moves together in Felix’s trademark flawless, athletic and artistic style. Learn from the world’s best pole artist, as Felix delivers her world class instruction with step-by-step, clear and easy to view technical points perfect for today’s everyday woman to learn and accomplish.

Disc 3: Advanced
Never one to hold back her training and competition secrets, World Champion Felix Cane breaks down nearly 30 advanced level moves and combos with step-by-step detail including Handsprings, mid-air Shoulder Mounts, Split variations on the pole, and the unique signature moves she invented and is famous for - like the contortion Eagle and Spatchcock! Enjoy two gravity defying and artistic routines and expect variations the everyday woman can work toward accomplishing AND variations that will challenge and test any trained athlete. This video is awe-inspiring and will leave you feeling invigorated and proud of the artistry and fitness encompassed in pole dance.

Disc 4: Pole Artistry & Floor Dance
This brilliant DVD contains all the secrets of pulling your entire routine together with flavor and artistry. Details of foot work, arm and hand positions, fast and slow dynamics, shapes, levels, and more plus a bonus floor work section. Incorporating floor moves adds visual variety, expression and new ways to exercise those muscles, and Felix takes us through more than 20 floor moves and variations, including two fantastic routines to inspire you to add more artistry and floorwork to your own pole dance repertoire.

Disc 5: Flexibility
Flexibility is a key pillar of overall well-being, health, body alignment, and symmetry - and in pole dance, it can make a significant difference in the pole moves you can do and how they look. World Champion Pole Artist and Cirque Du Soleil performer, Felix Cane, begins with a warm up that prepares your body for safe stretching and takes you through structured flexibility exercises that tackle every part of your body. This video is appropriate for YOU, and contains clear variation modifications whether you are already very flexible OR if you’re not flexible at all. Expect tremendous gains in flexibility for your overall well being, and to enhance your performance on the pole.

Я заказала последний пятый диск Flexibility. Если честно, я ожидала большего количества упражнений именно на развитие гибкости спины. Но тем не менее, для себя нашла довольно много упражнений для улучшения шпагатов, которые я никогда не делала. Еще могу сказать, что этот диск для совсем нерастянутых новичков не пойдет, имхо, слишком сложные позиции, будет нереально тяжело. На счет остальных дисков не скажу, т. к. еще не заказывала. Но я бы точно взяла четвертый DVD Pole Artistry.
Rock rocks!!!
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